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under presser.

favorite moment of the day: ordered a french press at starbucks, only to have the cashier stare at me blankly.  we pointed it out on the menu, and she went right up to the menu and read it for while, then proceeded to wander aimlessly saying, “i dont know what that is.” asked her coworker, who said he would make it and bring it out to us. after 15 minutes, we asked where our coffee was, turns out he forgot about it.  apologized profusely, pressed the coffee, and cheerfully poured the piping hot coffee all over his hand, the counter and soymilk. there was yelping involved. did the same thing with the second cup sans yelping and all smiles.   Somehow got 2 grande cups out of it and handed us our drinks with coffee all over the sides of the cups.  i think mrkengos and i just stared at him the whole time with our mouths wide open.  I honestly don’t know if the poor kid has any nerve endings left in his hands after that.

oh yah! and we got 2 vouchers for free coffee on our next visit. sah-weet!


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