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under presser.

favorite moment of the day: ordered a french press at starbucks, only to have the cashier stare at me blankly.  we pointed it out on the menu, and she went right up to the menu and read it for while, then proceeded to wander aimlessly saying, “i dont know what that is.” asked her coworker, who said he would make it and bring it out to us. after 15 minutes, we asked where our coffee was, turns out he forgot about it.  apologized profusely, pressed the coffee, and cheerfully poured the piping hot coffee all over his hand, the counter and soymilk. there was yelping involved. did the same thing with the second cup sans yelping and all smiles.   Somehow got 2 grande cups out of it and handed us our drinks with coffee all over the sides of the cups.  i think mrkengos and i just stared at him the whole time with our mouths wide open.  I honestly don’t know if the poor kid has any nerve endings left in his hands after that.

oh yah! and we got 2 vouchers for free coffee on our next visit. sah-weet!


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buttobasu part deux

to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.

somewhere along the way this year, i seem to have forgotten about the beautiful simplicity of this–to gaze upon His beauty.  and i’ve found that when my eyes are fixed on Him, He opens my eyes to see as He sees, to love as He loves, and to speak words of life and truth into others that draws them into deeper intimacy with Him.

and when i take my eyes off of him, i began to sink.  i lose faith in the transforming power of the gospel.  i judge those around me.  i become that which is of the world, when my citizenship is that above. frustration consumes me.  and the words of life that once flowed so naturally from the overflow of His love are lined with sarcasm and contempt.

i wonder if that’s what happened to peter when he walked on water.  he got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.  but as his eyes drifted away from the beautiful jesus before him, he was afraid and began to sink.  lord, save me. Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him. you of little faith, why do you doubt.

yet unlike peter, when i sink, often times i don’t cry out to be saved. i’m quite comfortable drowning in my circumstances.  at least i know what’s going to happen.  and what better bff is there than cynicism. well…pride i guess.

to gaze upon the Lord, though a simple concept, takes great faith.  because like peter stepping out of the boat, it means going into the unknown, allowing the Lord full control, believing in His power, being still before His majesty.

it is indeed a gift from God.  to dwell in the house of the Lord, to gaze upon His beauty, to meditate in His temple.  and when i falter, and more importantly cry out for help,  i am amazed at the way he is so quick to draw me back, rebuke me, and continue to teach me in His ways.

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this post is dedicated to my long time friend and nemesis: Ermf.

congratulations!!! women everywhere are rejoicing that you are finally betrothed and will no longer be wreaking havoc on unsuspecting ladies. FINALLY!

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the willis tower

some might be shocked and outraged to find halfway through eating their blueberry muffin that it is actually chocolate chip. i, on the other hand, was confused and pleasantly surprised.

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the original

its been a while. i know.

moving on!

edition 4.8 of non sequiturs galore!!! and here we go:

gogop tried to eat my other fishies. he now has a new home in michigan.

i still havent gotten a harmonica.

a handsfree harmonica holder would be very handy.

my birthday is may 14th.

i like meatloaf

…not the singer, the food.

the word “nuts” and “Awesome” shouldnt be used in the same sentence, whether or not there is pointing involved.

it’s fun to talk in a russian accent an pretend your name is vlademir while in the privacy of your own home.

…it is not so appropriate to do so just as your russian health economics professor walks in the door.

according to a friend, it is appropriate to raise your hand during a song that says “all the single ladies lift your hands up” as long as you aren’t married.

your boyfriend may not agree with all the things your friends say.

new brooks running shoes dont grow on trees. money grows on trees. duh.

i too miss the Milgram experiments.

when someone asks, “is this vegetarian?” it’s not a good idea to say “yup!” when you’re not really sure.

the end.

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note to self:
its cold in michigan

note to self #2: buy a harmonica

note to self #3: food network makes me hungry

note to self #4: when referring to someone as “nuts” for example, “that guy is nuts!”, its probably best not to say something like, “awesome nuts!”

the end.

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ok people.  i think i speak for gogop and myself, when i say, it really hurts our feelings when you keep asking me if gogop is still alive.  the answer is of course, YES! HE IS STILL ALIVE! and NO! I DO NOT WANT A BETTAFISH HANDROLL WITH SPCIY MAYO!


in related news, meet gogop, my new fish.  isnt he handsome?  poor guy.  i wanted to buy him a girlfriend, but it turns out, he’ll kill and eat gogoette after having his way with her.  fiesty little fella.  alas, he must lead a life of loneliness and celebacy.  sort of like a lot of people i know. HAHAHA. i kid i kid. or do i…? please don’t kill me. 

pray hard?

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