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this post is dedicated to my long time friend and nemesis: Ermf.

congratulations!!! women everywhere are rejoicing that you are finally betrothed and will no longer be wreaking havoc on unsuspecting ladies. FINALLY!


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thanks to my good friend and long time nemesis Ermf, for starting his new day job at jibjab.com

ermf. i never said you were funny.

ermf: "im like your gay best friend without the best friend part...i mean the gay part."

this is a recent ecard i made for my friend matt for his bday! i spent most of my day yesterday laughing randomly at inapproriate moments, such as when in line at starbucks, waiting outside of a sushi restaurant, having a serious conversation with my dad, and amputating my leg.

pray hard.

*note: i cant seem to figure out how to load the video on here. but it can be viewed here!

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